Thursday, February 12, 2009

snow and more snow, and a contest.

Last Sunday, yes super bowl day, the kids and I went to my parents house to play in the snow. My brother has 2 snowmobiles, my dad has a ranger and they have many many empty fields around their house. Katey loves riding with my brother because he likes to go FAST. Me on the other hand will go "slow" compared to him. My brother would be on with either his daughter or Katey, and I was on the other with Grace, my brothers daughter, or Camron. We spent most of the day outside and it was a great winter day. The sun was out and hardly any wind until after lunch, then it got windy but that didn't stop us from playing in the snow, it just makes us put on more clothes.

Katey all ready to go snowmobiling. She is wearing Grace's helmet.

One point while we were out, we came upon this. It was my dad and Grace. My dad turned too early or didn't go fast enough and got the ranger stuck. They were on their way back to the house which wouldv'e been about 1/2 mile walk. The kids just laughed thinking that grandpa got stuck. I think every year when we do this someone always gets the ranger stuck. I know before we headed out to play mom made sure that we had our cell phones on just in case, and here what 15 yrs ago we would play in these field with no phones and no one worried. How the times have changed. I asked dad why he didn't call "well i didn't think anyone would've heard the phone ring"

My brother hooking up the ranger to his snowmobile.

Camron making a snow angle while he waits for Grandpa to get unstuck.

Mommy and Camron all bundled up and staying warm. On my brothers snowmobiles it has a button that you push down to turn it off. One time with Camron and I were riding the darn thing just stopped and my brother and Katey just rode off to head home. Iam thinking great now what, but then i noticed that Camron just turned it off. Little turkey.
Poor little Jacob was stuck inside with grandma due to a double ear infection. So hopefully next year he will be feeling better and he can come and play outside also.
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