Friday, March 12, 2010

anyone have a boat to sell?



Every year when the snow melts, our backyard FLOODS! We will be lucky if our backyard will dry by May.  See our yard is the lowest of the three that are either behind us or next to us. It doesn’t help our flooding either when our neighbor blows his snow into our yard when he blow snow from their driveway. But at least the kids like playing in the water/mud that we have, that is when i don’t care if they get wet and muddy. The other day the weather was beautiful out and they asked if they could play outside, so heck why not. They put on their water boots  and headed out to the “pond”. The good thing is this year I have a water proof camera this year, Last year I fell in the water taking pictures and killed our camera.  Katey the little turkey said to me,”mom, you gonna drop your camera again this year?”  HA very funny.

This picture in from the side of our backyard. The water is maybe 4 inches deep in the middle, its almost over Jacob’s water boots

march 2010 001  

This is standing in the backyard looking towards the road. That part will dry up fast then we are left with just MUD!

march 2010 002


Jacob splashing away.

march 2010 003_crop


Well at least Camron was trying to get rid of the water maybe?

march 2010 007


Katey didn't loose her touch. She loves these “onion rings” of hers. By the middle of summer she will have calloused hands.

 march 2010 009


I think this is one of my favorite pictures of the boys.  Camron was taking Jacob to see how deep the water was.

march 2010 011

Katey went for higher ground

 march 2010 013


  1. march 2010 022

The kids dumping water out of their boots. I did have better pictures but I somehow deleted them off my camera  :( SO I don’t have any of katey this time. But don’t worry before this year is over I will have some.

march 2010 028 march 2010 031 march 2010 032

Katey flipped this slide over and discovered that it would float. She then pushed the “boat” around our pond asking the boys if they wanted a ride.

 march 2010 051

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