Monday, March 8, 2010

snow days

We have gotten a lot of snow this year. Ok maybe not as much as last year but I don’t remember how much we had last year. As we shoveled this year like every other year, we just pile it up in our front yard and then either it stays as a hill that the kids love to climb on or it gets dug out to become a cave. Either way the kids love it. Jacob likes being outside but not as much as the other two. I think Jacob takes after me in that regards, I like the winter months but also don’t love it either. I don’t like to shovel, the wet snowy clothes, the cold and etc, give me a nice warm summer day anytime.


What is a cold winter day without someone sticking their tongue to a metal surface? But don’t worry it was warm enough that day that his tongue didn’t stick.


It took me forever to roll this darn snowball and here Camron is trying to eat it.

146 149 189

Once Camron got done eating my snowball Katey and Jerry came up with the bright idea to roll it up our big hill and hope that it will stay put. Need less to say after Katey took her hands off the snowball it rolled down and covered one of the exit routes of the cave.


After going out for 2 days Jacob was comfortable enough to go into the cave.

184 198 185

I made 3 snowball chairs one day and of course Katey and Camron had to fight over who gets what chair even though 2 of them were the size. I really tried to get all 3 of them in one picture but it didn’t work at all.


Gotta love small kids all bundled up. It always reminds me of the “Christmas Story” movies

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