Monday, March 1, 2010

gone to play

I found this really neat place to take the kids to, well ok I think my cousin told me about it. Its called Castaway Cafe. Now what is Castaway Cafe you ask. Well its kind-a like a McDonald’s play place but much much bigger and more fun. The place reminds me of an old hotel from the outside just the way the windows are. We walked in and my jaw dropped, it was huge, like at least 2 story’s high. And the best part is parents are free and we get to play also. Just Katey, Jacob, my mom and I went, Jerry wanted to stay home and so did Camron. Needless to say by the time we left I was ready for a nap.

feb 2010 060

Jacob coming out of one of the slides. If I remember right I didn’t like this side very well it was too bumpy for me, but the kids loved it! I can say its much easier to watch/see your kids at McDonalds than here since its so big.

feb 2010 034

Katey and Jacob climbing to the biggest slide of them all. These cargo nets were hard to climb thru, trust me I did it. See the hole thing above Katey’s head? Well you had climb thru like 6 of them to get to the top of the yellow slide.

feb 2010 035

The two still climbing up and up and up.

feb 2010 037

They came down together choo-choo style. I really tired to get a picture of them coming down but they just moved too fast for my camera that day.

feb 2010 043

feb 2010 048

I was standing underneath him while he was by the big ball that Katey is sitting on. Such a cheesy smile

feb 2010 051

Katey is queen of the ball. This is were Jacob was when I took the picture of him.

feb 2010 052

feb 2010 053

Jacob all the way on top. When we first walked in, I didn’t think he was going to play much since he glued himself to my leg, but after a few minutes he was gone and having a blast.

feb 2010 056

“Jacob can I try your drink, please?”

feb 2010 058

Come on buddy, I love watching the kids play especially when they hold hands or help each other out.

I can’t wait until the next time I take the kids to this place.

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