Friday, March 19, 2010

can you hear me now?


Today we had to wake up super early to  take Jacob in to have tubes put back into his ears. Last year my dad and I took him but this year Jerry got to come along with us. Katey was very excited to go to Uncle Bobby and Aunt Pats house to spend the night yesterday. Camron went to school today, so my mom arrived at our house at 4:45am! I basically just stepped out of the shower and she was in our driveway. Jerry, Jacob and I left our house at 5:10am to be at the hospital by 5:30am and surgery was to start by 7:30am. After we arrived at the hospital, and I went up to register and it hit me like a ton of bricks—I forgot some of the paperwork they told us to bring with us. CRAP! I told Jerry what I did, so he turned around and went back home. Thank goodness we live close. After I registered Jacob I called mom on her cell phone to ask her to find the paperwork so when Jerry got back home he didn’t have to find it.  By the time he returned we were upstairs in the surgical waiting room. Jacob loved the fact that we were able to watch “Dora” while we waited. Thank goodness for lap tops!!  After watching “Dora” for a little bit I turned her off, I can only handle her for a short time. Out came the other toys that Jacob packed into his bag. We took crayola wonder finger paint, which yeah I like but he like to DIP his finger in the paint instead of lightly dipping it in. And the most important super squad’s. 

march 001 

This is how I found the boys this morning. Yes they, the kids, have slept all 3 on the couch this way before. Don’t ask me why they don’t keep their butts in their beds for, cuz I don’t understand.

 march 003

While we were waiting to register Jacob pulled out all his Super Squads and lined them all up.

 march 004    march 008

Keeping busy painting.  It was a battle to get him to put his gown on this time. Last year it was a breeze.

 march 005    march 019

Gotta love little piggie pictures!! Just makes you wanna kiss them huh?

 march 009

No I am NOT going to show you what I have MOM! He was laying on his dog Max.

 march 015 march 016 

Jacob and Camron’s Super Squad’s. If Camron knew he had these he would’ve been upset since some of them are his. His favorite thing to do with these guys are to line them all up. 

 march 023

Last time Jacob was 19 months when he had tubes in his ears and he had no problem when the nurse took him. This year being a year older and “smarter” and plus some days being attached to me at the hip. I knew he wouldn’t like it when the nurse’s took him. So I asked if they could give him something to help him be sleepy before they took him. SO they gave him some “apple juice”. It made him a little more relaxed as long as either Jerry or I held him. When I had to hand him over to the nurse he was one unhappy camper!!  Even though ear tubes is an easy operation it doesn’t make it any easier when they take him back. Doctor Burg called us back maybe 20 mins later and said he did great, he did suck a lot of fluid out of both ears, but he should be able to hear much better now. So back to the waiting area until they called us again to go and see our “baby”. I think it took longer this time to go back and see him than last time. It was forever! But they finally called us back

 march 024

When we opened the doors to where he was I could hear him calling out for me. Which to any mom, makes you want to drop everything for them and just scoop them up into your arms. They had a rocking chair all ready for us. The nurse said they had to work on getting him awake, well I wonder why 4:45am is early  to wake up, and I am sure he was sleeping good also.

march 025

Here is Max the dog. Before he went in for his tubes we tried to dress Max up but Jacob wanted nothing to do with it! When we got back to see him they had him all dressed up. Jacob didn’t find the humor in it at all!! Jerry started to undress Max before he took the picture. Nope sorry redress the dog and take the picture since its was so cute.

 march 026 march 027

One groggy baby.  Poor little guy.  The cotton balls in his ears was to catch the extra drainage that was still coming out.

Now its 2:00pm and the little stinker is still wide awake!  If you didn’t know he had tubes just put into his ear’s  you wouldn’t guess it. Now we have to go and pick up Camron and then go and get Katey. I guess we also will go and visit some family since we will be in Pewamo. 


So excited to be able to post two new product reviews very soon!! So stay tuned!

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