Monday, September 1, 2008

oh SH*T!

Well it has been a busy week with getting ready for Katey to start school, trying to squeeze out a bit more fun of summer before it leaves. I will be trying to post every night to get every one caught up!


But for this first one, yeah I know the title is kinds goofy, but as you read you will totally understand the title!! Well anyhoo, Friday stated out like any other friday. When I went upstairs to get Jacob out of bed I got to the landing and could smell him, which to you or I is really ok, so at first I thought no problem, that was my first mistake! As I got to the top of the steps and looked in all I saw was a bear butt, yeah you guess it is diaper was off!! And remember when I said I could smell something stinky? He was covered in pooo!!!! I took a closer look his bed had poop all over it, his hands, legs, feet, head, and even his binky! And as any good mother would do I left my stinky poopy baby in his bed so I could run back downstairs to get my camera! Yeah Jacob wasn't too happy that I left him in his time of need but I now have pictures the he will dread when he gets older. HAHAHA

This is what I woke up to Friday morning! He is pointing to the wind chimes that are on the fan that he like to hit when he gets up, needless to say he went straight into the tub that dreadful morning.

I make sure he has on either shorts or a onesie shirt on now! He isn't going to get that diaper off again!

So now i hope everyone understands my title much better now.

Well Katey starts kindergarten tomorrow and she is excited about that. With her at the new school it will work out to where Jerry can drop her off before he goes to work or he can stay home with the boys when I take her in. Iam hoping to post new pictures of her tomorrow as she heads off to kindergarten. I know Camron is excited about tomorrow not sure if its cuz he will be able to go to Katey's school or cuz he knows he will be getting rid of her for a couple of hours. But iam sure he will be happy to see her come back since he really won't have any kids his age to play with now that school is starting. Well I better be going I have to go and iron Katey's jumper for tomorrow!

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