Wednesday, July 30, 2008

jacobs doc appt

Well today I once again took Jacob to the doctors. I thought he had a yeast infection on his bottom again, and come to find out that yes its a yeast infection but also a strep infection also. I asked how does a baby get a strep infection on his bottom? Well Dr. Smith told me that babies don't get strep throats but they will get strep on the bottoms, and why they really dont' know. So he is on another antibiotic once again. So since June 10 this poor kid has been on medicine for over a month. He now has 2 molors in his mouth. I guess hes ready for steak now huh?

Katey's first day of school is sept 2, i think she is ready to go, I know iam ready for her to go to school. This year is gonna seem kinda quiet around our house. As of right now Katey of course will be gone everyday from 8-11:15am and Amiyah will be going into headstart and Saune's mom is trying to get him into headstart also. SO if Amiayh and Saune are in school in the morning then it will be just the boys and me. What will i do with my time?? I know when mom takes Katey and Camron over night and Iam left with Jacob I dont' know what to do with myself with just one baby. I look back when it was just Katey and I have no idea what i did with all my time. Seems like 5 years ago when it was just her it was busy, busy trying to keep her busy, getting laundry done, picking up the house and etc. But now that i have 3 kids it seems like i have more time to do laundry, dishes, well try to pick up the house, or maybe i have just learned how to multi task better who knows, but would i trade all this in? NO not for the world, I love the messy fingers, sticky fingers,poopy butts, the kisses, hugs, and everything that goes on with being a mom.

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