Thursday, October 23, 2008

new pictures!!

Yeah I know for the last few days I have been telling you all that I will be posting new pictures and just kept forgetting my camera downstairs, but I did it earlier today so I have some new PICTURES!!

Jerry the other day "raked" well ok he blew the leaves in to a pile for the kids to play in. Yeah we still have MORE leaves to fall yet, so after I get these all picked up and bagged we will have more to rake into a pile. The kids had fun with Jerry throwing them into the pile. Jacob on the other had doesn't like leaves in his face, but who can blame him?? IF he walks into the pile he is ok with it, but if someone puts him into the leaves he will scream until you take him out

Katey and Camron, yeah I said Camron was playing with Katey's make up. IF this is the way she puts make up on now Iam afraid to see what she will be doing in 10 years or so from now. Sorry dear but, less is really better.

Look mom I still fit! I pulled the down the other day to give to Doreen for her baby, and Jacob jumps in the darn thing. Who cares that its still folded.

Camron and his Make up job. I think he did a little better than Katey, but if daddy knew about this............ Great blackmail pictures for when hes 16 and older right??

I took the picture maybe last week and did you notice the shorts that Camron is wearing?? Yeah October and we had on shorts. Gotta love that, but it didn't' last long now we are in pants and coats. Where did summer go?

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