Thursday, October 2, 2008

first fall leaves

Well yesterday I took the kids outside and found some leaves to rake. This is only the first set of leaves to fall, and our pile was small but in a few weeks our pile will be HUGE as the rest of the leafs turn color. As I was raking all I can hear from Katey was make it bigger, bigger mom. Well dear I can make it just soooo big! They played in thier leaf pile for about 2 mins it seemed like,but they had fun so thats all that counts right??

Mom take a picture of me! She loves her onion rings as she calls them. She even has little callous on her hands from playing on these darn things. She will spin all day if you let her and never get dizzy I just don't get it.
Camron in our leaf pile. After we had Camron lay in the leaves Jacob did the same thing without being asked. Again monkey see monkey doooo.
What a nice boy, trying to help mommy rake leaves!
He thinks hes hot stuff now since he figured out how to go down the slide! He will go down on his belly feet first then walk around and do it again and again, and again, and well you get the picture!
Katey looking bummed cuz the pile wasn't as big as she was hoping and Camron "ruined"it some how, so she really didn't play in it that much.

Well everyone should head over to She has an awesome highchair to give away from boon. It look like a great highchair, that would be easy to clean! thank boon and berrie sweet picks!

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