Monday, October 6, 2008

Not me Mondays

Well its monday again, where did the time go?? SO here is another Not me Monday

I DID NOT enjoy having just Jacob again this weekend, cuz the kids talked grandma and papa to spending the night.

I DID NOT get upset with my husband when I found out how much he spent on ebay again!!

I DO NOT get pissed when a daycare parent tells me they don't have to money to pay me cuz they have a bill that needs to be paid. UMMMM hello I DON"T have bill either that need to be paid.

I DID NOT enjoy sleeping in sunday until 9AM cuz Jacob slept in!!

I DO NOT EVER just play on the computer and tell the kids that I will be done in one min and then 5 mins later tell them the same thing, just so I can "play" what I want to.

I DID NOT feel like strangling my hubby when Jacob woke up on morining drenched in pee, cuz he thought the little swimmer that Katey grabbed him was a pull up. Yeah like I would have a 13 month old in pull ups.

well thats my not monday for today. Hop on over to the queen of Not me Mondays well anyhow the lady who stared this all. Thanks

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