Saturday, May 2, 2009

busy busy day

Wow what a busy day it has been here. Today was the garage sale of all garage sales. Allison Oaks garage sales. Its a big subdivision thats normally very busy. I mean cars parked on both sides of the road and somehow you still manage to fit cars down the middle of the road. Yes you run in the idiots who can't drive and try to squeeze their cars into places where they shouldn't go, when they should just wait a few seconds then the car next to them would move and then they would have plenty of room. But anyhoo, I thought the garage sale's were down from last year, but we still found found a great deals today... What did we find you might ask.. Well Katey for awhile has been needing a new bed. Her bed was ok but, it was getting shaky and needed some major TLC to make it good again. The bed we found was the one that has 3 dresser drawers under it. It came with a really nice headboard. We also bought the nightstand and 3 dresser drawers also. So tomorrow my dad and hubby have to carry the bottom part of the bed upstairs since mom and I weren't able to do that. Oh it even came with a really nice mattress also! So after we got done garage saleing today, we had to re-do the boy's room since we had to switch mattress, Katey's old mattress went to Camron's bed, and Camron's mattress went to Jacob's bed. UGH Iam pooped just retelling this. Then we had to take Katey's old bed apart, carry it all to the curb, and carry all her new stuff up to her room. After we got done with the kids rooms we headed over to mom and dad's to go out to chicken dinner with them. yummy. Before we left we talked Katey into us pulling out her tooth, since it was just "hanging" in her mouth. With dad, mom and I all working on getting this darn tooth out of her mouth,darn slippery little teeth anyhow, it finally came out!! So now I have to call the tooth fairy to make sure she visits our house. Now that my 3 kids are all sleep and the house is nice and quiet I think Iam going to go and put my feet up since I am sure tomorrow will be a busy day also since dad will be here helping Jerry trim some of the trees in our yard.

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