Saturday, May 30, 2009

tour your town

Oh what a fun and BUSY day the kids and I had! Today was Be a Tourist In Your Own Town. They have this here every year and if I remember right this is the 15th year they have had this, but this was our 2nd year of going. What is this Tour your town think you may ask, well you buy a "passport" for a dollar and it will get you into certain things for free like the Zoo, some museums, tours of different business that don't normally have tours. Your ride the CATA bus, which is our public transportation for just 50 cents all day regardless how many times you get on the buses. I am not sure how much the bus would normally cost since I have never really rode them besides to be a tourist. But we had a fun busy busy day. The weather at first looked like it was going to rain all day, but then about 11:30ish or so the sun came out and it was great, not too hot or too cold. Jacob went to my moms to spend the night so I didn't have to deal with his stroller, diapers and such.

Here is Katey and Camron on our first ride of the day. Yeah I know they aren't looking but they were just too busy looking around! Some of the buses like the one we were on, the kids called it the catipiller bus, it was like two buses in one. It had an accordian style middle the turned when the bus turned.

We went to the ZOO today since it was FREE!! Gotta love that, it saved us over $20.00 just by going today! The zoo has a new bird house where you go in and they bird can fly around you. As you walk in they had two people glueing mullet to a tongue stick that the doctors use. They had parakeets and some other small bird in this "cage" You held out our stick and you would "catch" a bird or TWO! I also bought a stick of food and at one time I had 3 birds on my stick. I would be trying to pay attention to the kids and "forget" that I was holding this stick and then next thing I knew something landed on my arm. Or these darn things would dive bomb ya! The bird house was fun and scary all at the same time! I want to go back to the bird house soon! Maybe when L&L have their free ZOO days in June or July!

Kateys first bird of many.

Camron's bird.

They had baby chicks also hatching. SO the kids got to see some chicks trying to peck out of their shell, some that just came out, and ones, like the ones they are holding, that hatched earlier in the day. This is the first time they got to hold baby chicks! Camron didn't want to let the chick go.
I can't wait until next year! Maybe Jacob will be able to go and enjoy the fun with us. If anyone in blogger land is ever in Michigan in June next year you will have to become a Tourist, its fun

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