Wednesday, May 27, 2009

where did my baby girl go?

A few weeks ago Katey had a chance to go to a daddy/daughter date night at her school. I never said anything to her since Jerry isn't really the type to go to these things. But never less she found out about this date night thing and asked Jerry to go. He wasn't sure if he was going to be able to make it due to his work hours. So Katey called grandpa and asked him out on a date. Grandpa said yes, of course. So we dug thru her closet to see what party dress she would like to wear. At about 2 pm that Saturday she kept bugging me "how much longer"
"katey honey you have 4 more hours before the dance begins" Off she would go and play some more. 30 mins later we would repeat the same thing again. About 4:30-5ish she called her date to see if he was getting ready. He was so she thought she needed to get ready also. Katey's date showed up and she was all in smiles!

Such a big girl dress. I love this dress on her, the only thing I didn't' like is it made her look too "old" But hey it only cost $3.00 at a garage sale a few weeks earlier!

Katey and Grandpa before their "date"

About an hour or so into her date with grandpa, Jerry showed up to surprise her! Never thought that he was going to show up. Now how many other girls can have two dates in the same night like this and get away with it?? But over all she had a great night! I wonder who she will take next year to the daddy/daughter date night !

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