Wednesday, May 6, 2009

box of all boxes

About a month ago(see how far behind on blogging I am??) Camron seen a commercial about a kid playing in a box, so he wanted one. I called Lowes, Walmart, Kroger, Meijers, and every where else I could think of that might have a big box. Then I thought of my dad, who works at a farm mach shop. Thinking he might have a box big enough. He was on a service call but he said when he gets back to the store he will look to see if they have a box for Camron. Well yes they did, Two of them and my dad and mom would bring them over in the week. Well when they did come over the kids were excited and well yeah I was too, nothing better than watching your kids play play with a box. But when they dragged this box into our house carring a box cutter so I could cut doors in it, my jaw dropped. You see this BOX is sooo big I, yes I said ME little ole' ME would be able to LAY in this box with my legs just ever so slightly curled up and be nice and comfortable. Yes the thought of mailing myself did come to mind also, but then the cost of shipping myself, I choose to stay home. This box had I guess some combine part in it. The box is sitting upright in our dinning room right now since the kids from time to time will get it down and play with it, but its getting closer to the time for this box to say good-bye to our family, since I am tired of sweeping around it, walking around and just tired of looking at this darn thing.

That is Jacob's leg getting caught in our door to the box, You can really see the size of this darn thing but I am about 5'10" or so.

Camron letting Jacob out since he didn't like opening the door himself.

I gave the kids markers to draw on the box and they had a blast. I should take pictures of the box one last time before it gets put to the curb next trash day.

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