Monday, May 4, 2009

not me mondays

Time for a Not Me MONDAY again. Head on over to MCKMAMA'S to join in the fun.

I have never ever put Camron in the bathtub at 9pm at night because he missed his bathtub that night and I wasn't in the mood to listen to him whine. I never give into his tantrums, what kind of mother would do that? It doesn't teach him anything. NOT ME!!

When we went garage saling this weekend we did not buy Katey a "new"bed for her room with a matching dresser and a nightstand. NOT ME!! Gotta love garage sales!

Jacob is not in his big boy bed only after two days after I made his baby bed into a toddler bed. That would be just a waste of time to "make" the toddler bed. NOT ME

I did NOT go 20 days without posting a blog! I blog everyday sometimes twice a day. NOT ME!!

I don't have a lot of catching up to do with blogging and adding pictures since I DID NOT go 20 days without blogging. NOT ME!!

My boys are not in the tub this morning so I can type my not me monday out. I have more time than money. Who would let their kids play in the tub just so you can have a break, a small break but a break never less. NOT ME!!

I know I have a lot more things that I haven't done but I have one boy yelling at the other boy, so I guess I should go and see what the problem is before something happens.

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