Friday, February 26, 2010


I read in the newspaper again a few weeks ago, see how far behind in blogging that  I am? But at the local bowling alley they were going to have a mother/son bowling night. Since Camron has never been bowling I thought it would be a fun night for him and I. So I called my mom too see if she could take Katey and Jacob for the night, and then I called my cousin Becky to see if she and her boys wanted to tag alone with us. She said yes. Her two boys are about the same age as our boys. SO off to the bowling alley we went that night.  

 feb 2010 006

Here is Camron rolling his ball down the lane. When we left our house he was wearing boots so I didn’t notice how short his pants were until after he put on his bowling shoes. He reminded me of Steve Urkel.

 feb 2010 015

In the next lane next to us we noticed they also had young kids bowling and they had balls that were getting stuck half way down the lane. Then about 2 frames later Camron rolled the ball so slowly down the lane that his ball got stuck..


 feb 2010 018

 Camron waiting between for his ball to come back.

feb 2010 019

Thought I was kinda neat that we had matching shoes, Camron wasn’t so impressed.

 feb 2010 026

Camron’s cousins, Noah(the one looking at Camron) and Gavin after bowling.

Later on our way home I asked Camron if some day soon we should take Katey, Jacob and Daddy bowling. His reply was “NO its our secret”.  I can’t wait until next year when I will take both boys with me.

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