Tuesday, February 23, 2010

i am back

Well we now have a "new" used computer. Its nice to have a computer that don't freeze up on you so much in one day. I was still hoping out for a new laptop but this will do for now. So I have been busy cleaning out the new computer and now I have to clean out the old one since we still have a lot of pictures on it. My plans for the old computer is for the kids so they can use their fisher-price things on it. NO Internet. So when I have both computers working the way I would like them to be I will be one happy mama agian. So I was going to post why men, heat and plastic toys don't mix, but then I remembered that I still need to download our camera stuff into this new computer. Darn it! So while that is loading I thought I would just post this. SO I really hope tomorrow I can post the men, heat and toys, and keep up my blog like i used to. I do have some blog reviews in the works so I am excited about that very much. So I better let the camera stuff download and head downstairs since my show "lost" is on and I don't want to get "lost" in the show. LOL

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