Wednesday, February 24, 2010

men,toys, and heat

Lets see last week, maybe Sunday night I was sitting on the couch watching some of my DVR'ed shows while Jerry was in the bedroom watching sports. I started to smell a plastic smell, asked Jerry if he smelled the smell. I went into the kitchen thinking maybe it was something in the dishwasher, yes we have lost many sippy cup tops to the heating coil on the bottom. Nope dishwasher smelled good. Moved into the dinning room still could smell it, in to the living room, not as bad but still could smell this plastic smell. Jerry went sniffing, which reminded me of a sniffing dog, don't tell him. He smelled the basement, smell upstairs and he thought the smell was from the kitchen where I was thinking the dinning room. A few more minutes passed and the smell went away. Monday rolls around and the smell was no where's to be smelled. Thinking good what ever it was its gone. I make dinner, we clean up and Jerry and Katey sit down to do spelling words. Then about 20-30 mins later I smelled that smell again. Went hunting again still wasn't able to find the source of the smell. Thinking maybe it has to do with the light above the kitchen sink since that light was on the longest. Man I really hope not since we don't really have the extra money to go into fixing the light fixture. Tues morning I took Camron to school come home and the smell was Back! Jerry could smell it again also, now he was thinking it was the furnace. Man that would suck the furnace dying in the middle of winter would not be so good. I disagree since the smell is not all the time. It had to be elsewhere. All I get from him before he leaves for work, "I hope you find the smell" Gee thanks, here Jacob and I will burn up to due this plastic smell and he don't care. MEN! SO now its just Jacob and I to find this darn smell. I smell the kitchen again, yes can still smell it but stronger in the dining room. I look at the fan and think to myself maybe just maybe we have too many dead bugs in the light bulb thing? So I climb the chair and unscrew the little bowl thing that covers the light and what do I find???? Green Goblin stuck to the light bulb! I found our plastic burning smell!! Whooo hooooo!! Now my next question is how in the hell did it end up in the light. I know if the one of the kids threw him up their someone would've told me. When you have a household full of kids, either your own or daycare kids, some will always tattle on someone. So I pry off Green Goblin and call Jerry at work to tell him the Jacob and I will both live cuz I found our smell. He goes on to tell me that he forgot he put little ol' Green Goblin up on the fan and he must've fell in. oops. What?!?! Why?!?!!? I guess he put him up on the support frame to see if Camron would notice his toy up on the fan. "I guess he will learn a lesson" says my husband. "what lesson was that?" I asked "to take care of his toys" the hubby says. "what to keep his toys away from you?" I respond. Camron took the death of his Green Goblin much better than I thought he would. Needless to say I think Jerry learned a lesson....DON"T put things up on the fan light. Right now not really sure who is worse the kids or husbands

Green Goblin from the front.

See the little supports that is what Green Goblin WAS sitting on before he fell in. I wish I took a picture of him stuck to the light bulb he was stuck good.

The back of Green Goblin

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