Sunday, February 28, 2010

ice carvings


I read in the paper that in downtown they were doing ice carving, games,  and carriage rides a few Saturdays ago, and since our winters have been so mild, well until a few weeks ago more on that later, I bundled Katey and Jacob up and downtown we headed. Jerry and Camron chickened out they didn’t want to go. By the time we arrived all the ice carving was done, yeah I was bummed that we didn’t get to watch them carve the ice I think Katey would’ve thought it was neat how they do it. But this way we beat the crowds.  I hope to go back next year and take Camron with us I think he would’ve had fun also

 feb 2010 077

One of ice carvings was a piggy bank. Yes you see my sweet daughter trying to rob the bank. Talk about cold cash.

feb 2010 071

I tried to get their picture together but Jacob didn't want to sit still. Its amazing how much detail they can add to the ice.

feb 2010 088

The 3 of us on the carriage ride around the block. It was nice and warm since they gave us all blankets. I am sure the horse was tired by the time it left.

feb 2010 075 

They had a “warming” tent sat up to “warm” you up. Not sure why they really had the tent since it wasn’t warm at all. But here the kids are Ice Fishing in a sled. After they caught the fish they received some candy.  By the time we left Jacob had little ice hands since he took all the fish from the one sled and put them all into the other sled.

feb 2010 084

About half way thru Jacob ditched the gloves and stuck his hands into his pockets.feb 2010 086

While we waited for the horse Katey played on the snow piles downtown.

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