Saturday, February 27, 2010

you found me where?

For  awhile now its been a bedtime battle with Jacob. I think for the most part its just I get tired of taking him upstairs all the time while Jerry just sits and watches me go up the stairs for the 100th time, that yes I do give up and that is  when my husband should step in but normally he just lets him stay up with him or lay in our bed until he falls asleep. But this one night when I headed back downstairs I went into the our bedroom expecting Jacob to be laying in our bed curled up under the blanket hiding from me. I could tell something was behind the door since it didn’t open all the way up, thinking it was a pack of diapers that fell or something else was blocking the door. To my surprise  it was Jacob hiding behind the door and he fell asleep.


feb 2010 092

 feb 2010 091

Gosh he looks so cute curled into his little ball. Almost didn’t want to move him.

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