Monday, April 5, 2010


Since Jacob just had his tube put back in recently, I knew I needed to find new ear plugs again. The last time he had his tubes put in we just went to the store and looked for ear plugs.  I bought some, came home tried to put them into his ears.They were hard to put in. I pulled one pair in half, rolled them between my fingers in hoping to make them softer to make it easier to put them into his ears, no such luck.  Back to the store again, found some that said “children and ladies” size. They were smaller and they came in different colors, cool I thought. Still the same problem they were hard to put into his ears. The package said “soft” but they were hard from soft. This time when he had his tube inserted  I jumped to the internet and did a search for ear plugs and come across  I contacted them about doing a review for them. I was thinking they were going to just send me one Band system (the band and one set of ear plugs) but instead they sent me 3 bands, plus 2 different color ear plugs, one for each of our kids!!!  Needless to say I was waiting by our mailbox everyday when I seen the mail truck coming down the road. I was very impressed with customer service, by email. My emails were answered very fast! I contacted them on a Monday, they sent out our ear bands on Tues and by Friday we received them. Just in time, since Jacob had his ear tube put in on Friday. These are plug are very SOFT,they remind me of fresh soft playdo they are that soft, and easy to put into my kids ears.  For all 3 of my kids I tear the plugs in half so they fit better.  Jacob’s band is teal and he received 2 green plugs, Camron’s band is blue and he recieved orange and yellow plugs, Katey’s band is purple and her plugs are purple and pink, (magenta)  All together they have 5 different color bands to choose from in 3 different sizes. 1-3 yrs, 4-9yrs and 10-adult.  They also have 10 different colors to choose from in their ear plugs, and two types. One that floats then they fall out or should i say when your child pulls them out, much easier to find. The other type is still silicone but doesn’t float.  I love the names to their ear plugs~Splash puppy (Blue), Tube Dwag(purple) and more. On Friday when I recieved them in the mail I brought them with me to my parents since I knew that day Jacob would be wanting a bath with his older siblings that night.  Before we had a chance to use them in the tub we used them outside(,these are not advertised to be used outside while playing), He wanted to go outside but with them living out in the county it was windy and I didn’t want the wind in his ears, so we placed cotton balls in his ears, since it was time for his ear drops and put on his band. It worked great! Later after he came in he loved that he had the chance to wear his green, his favorite color, ear plugs. They were easy to put in and very very soft! After I put them in he ran around to show everyone his new ears.  After Camron found out that he also has a band and ear plugs he wanted his in also. Now when ever he gets ready for a bath tub he asks for his band and plugs! Katey, with her being 7 she thinks she’s too cool for ear plugs when she’s in the bath tub.  But this summer when we go to Great Wolf Lodge, I am sure she will change her mind about using them. I know for those few days we will get a lot of use out of these. I love the fact you can use the color side out or the black side out. The material reminds me of a wet suit since it does stretch when you put it on. They dry out very fast which makes it nice for after tubs at night or even I am sure this summer after playing in the water.

march 008

Jacob using his band while playing outside  (Jayco does not advertised this band to be used outside to keep wind out of ears)


march 044

Even with only half of the putty in his ears you still have a lot of putty to fill his ears. He leaves them alone after you put them in. They do have some tackiness to them which helps them stay put. Again I love how SOFT they are!

  march 046

march 047

Camron wearing his band and he loves it!

 march 049

As you can see Katey did not want her picture taken today.


 march 050

 march 051

The back of the band. Even if you were in the pool you can still slide your water goggles over the band.

 march 053

The 5 different colors that we recieved.  Yellow, orange, green, purple, and pink. Its great having many colors to choose from you will have a better chance of your child wearing them if you let them pick out their color. If you have more than one person using the putty buddies you can color code everyone so no mixing up ear plugs!

 march 055

Here are my kids bands.  Camron has blue, Katey has  purple and Jacob has teal. Each band does have a size tag attached so even if you have two of the same color its easy to tell the difference between them.

march 057

As you can see the difference between a small(the teal) and the med (purple). 

 march 058

The back of the band, you get “two” looks in one.

I really wish that I had these ear plugs the first time around because, I know if I did, I never would’ve battled Jacob to put his ear plugs in. I would recommend these to anyone who needs earplugs due to ear tubes or just want to keep water out, to make sure that they buy these ear plugs, they are everything and more. Check out also because they have more than just ear plugs and ear bands.

april 001 april 003

 april 004 april 005

 april 007  Jacob lovin’ his band and ear plugs in the tub!

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