Sunday, April 25, 2010

Daddy Daughter dance

Last weekend at Katey’s school was the daddy daughter dance. Jerry wanted to just make a date with her and pass up on the dance part, but he still took her. Last year Katey went with grandpa and her daddy. They asked me if I wanted to make Jell-O and I jumped on that. I love making Jell-O, not sure why but I do. So I MADE Jell-O and tons of it! The theme of the dance was Tinker Bell. The school sent home invitations the week of the dance and they even sent home fairy dust so the girls would be able to fly to the second star to the right. The school goes way over the top when they decorate for parties. When Katey and Jerry came back home Katey was ready for bed. Cant’ wait to see what they do next year to the gym!

today 008

All my Jell-O. It was in a turkey pan from the dollar store and it was FULL. I guess the only flavor that was left was orange.

today 009 today 010 today 011today 018today 024

The table were decorated with Tinker Bell theme. All the stuff on the table everyone got to take home.

today 013 today 014 today 015

This was in the hall before you entered the gym. Each girl received fairy wings before the entered the gym.

today 020 today 021

Part of the food table. The cake was card board but looked so real!

dd 003 dd 007

Katey and Jerry before they left.

dd 008 dd 017

Katey with her wings

dd 023

So cool that all the girls received that glow sticks and then they turned off the lights. I can just imagine the girls faces.

dd 002

Kateys flower that she got from her daddy. LOVED the look on her face when he gave it to her. I just wish I had a picture of it.

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