Thursday, April 22, 2010

Random thoughts

Wow summer is coming so fast this year. Yes I am happy that the weather is getting nicer but then it also feels like my house gets left behind.  During the cold winter months/days since we are stuck in the house I get a chance to clean/pick up things thru the day, but come summer we are outside almost the whole day. The only time we really come in is naps and lunches.  The last few days the kids have been bugging to go out as soon as either they get up or when the other kids come in for the day.  Here I am trying to potty train Jacob, and he does good IF we are inside all day but as soon as we go outside he will pee his pants. What a pain in the butt.  With the other two kids they were potty trained in the winter months, or shortly after I gave birth to their younger siblings so we were “stuck’ in the house again.  After lunch I try to clean up the house, well ok the kitchen, before we go back outside again but most days it doesn’t work that way.  Another thing that gets left behind in the summer is my blog. By the time we come in, make dinner,clean up, baths, bedtime, I am ready for bed. I really need to get better with blogging in the summer. I still have a product to review.  I really to get that done. Where do the kids spend most of summer, in the sandbox that we, well ok Jerry and my dad, expanded.  As I sit here I think that next year I will have all 3 kids in school. Katey will be in 2nd grade, Camron will be in either young 5’s or kindergarten, and then Jacob will be in school half the day going to special education due to his speech delay from him having tubes in his ears. As I type this up Jacob is eating some beans and watching Dora, Katey is thinking of what to shoot with the Nerf gun, Camron is at grandma and grandpa’s, Well Dora just got shot by Katey.  I guess I better get off this darn thing and get them both ready for bed so Jerry and I can watch Avatar before it gets too late. Sorry about all the ramblings I am sure the next post will have more of a direction to it.





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