Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Our beach

A few years ago my dad came over to make Camron a new sandbox. Our first sandbox was a little tikes dinosaur that I found at a garage sale. That was a GREAT sandbox for a few years then Camron came around and then the daycare and that little dino became very small. Since the dino could only fit maybe 2 or 3 kids at its best we needed something BIGGER! So over came dad and he played with his power tool and built a sandbox. Again that sandbox was good for about maybe 2 years then we again outgrew that one. You see that sandbox was good for maybe 4 or maybe 5 kids, but in that sandbox they were getting into each others “areas” and fights would break out. So Jerry and I talked to dad again about making a bigger sandbox, and once again dad came over with his tools and they made a HUGE sandbox, now we can fit 8 boys in this beach with room for more!  While the boys “played” my mom, Katey, Jacob and I went shopping while the other 3 boys went to work.  When we came back with dinner they had the sandbox just about done.  Needless to say our 3 kids were bugging to add the sand as soon as we got done eating dinner. They wanted to play and play they did. Come Monday morning the first thing out of Camron’s mouth was ,”do you want to go and play in our new sandbox?” Needless to say all the kids have enjoyed this “beach” of ours.  We have even took a 5 gallon bucket and make sandcastles in this thing.  The kids can fit trucks, buckets, shovels, super hero’s, and themselves in thing and still have elbow room.  I just hope this one will last a few years longer than the last 2.


dd 033dd 035

Here is dad cutting apart one side of the wall of the old sandbox to add the new part on.  See how “small” it is?


  dd 042 dd 045

Still cutting. Jerry is supervising right now,  lol



dd 047

Much bigger.  It reminds me of the letter “L”

 dd 050

Katey just waiting for the guys to finish the new toy

dd 053

This is just part of the amount of sand needed to fill this sucker! Jerry went and got 3 more truck loads of sand before we agreed that it was full enough.


 dd 065 dd 070 dd 072

We cut the bags tops and the kids tried to dump the bags. I can say Katey did a good job of dumping out the sand. The boys, well they just jumped on the bags.



 dd 073 dd 074 dd 075

The boys enjoying the new sand! Needless to say I think if I would keep all the sand that comes into our house on a daily basis I would have enough sand to make a new sandbox. But I am happy they enjoy their new “toy”

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