Monday, September 27, 2010

school days

Wow I can’t believe the kids have been in school for about 3 weeks and I am just getting around to this post! All 3 kids went to school this year.  I took Katey to school first. She was excited to see all her friends, meet her new teacher, and see her new class room.  Its crazy to sit back and think that I have a 2nd grader already! I still remember sitting down in the living room and watching her “cook” a bunch of potatoes. 


school days 002 

Katey right before we left to go to school. I try to make the kids hold a sign every year so it would be easier for me to remember what grade they were in.

school days 005 school days 006

Katey and her best friend, Maddie.  Katey at her desk


After getting back home from dropping off Katey it was time to load Jacob up. I can’t believe I sent my baby off to school this year also. If he wasn’t so delayed in his speech due to his ear infections I don’t think he would’ve gone to school this year.  He was somewhat excited about staring school until he learned that I wasn’t going to stay.  Since he is going to school for special education he gets to ride the bus this year.


 school days 008

all ready to go but not too happy either.


school days 012

Look a bus!!

 school days 016 school days 017

Jacob coming off the bus on his first day! He still get excited every day when he gets off the bus, I just love it!!


school days 032

Since I drove him his first day, he got to ride the bus to and from school on his second day.  Looking out the window waiting.


school days 033

Come on ma, I think its coming!

school days 036

Mom your coming also right?!?! waiting for the bus is cool until you realize he has to go alone.


school days 038

Not a happy camper!! He has gotten a lot better about getting on the bus now. 


 school days 025

Last but not least, we have Camron. He goes in the afternoon so I had a friend come over so I was able to take him.  He now has a good buddy named Sam at school. He climbed into the van today and told he that he now has a girlfriend. I asked him how did he know that she is his girlfriend, “she asked me to play, and I said sure why not?” But he doesn’t remember what her name is or what she looks like! He better step it up if he wants to keep this girl.

school days 031    

I wanted a picture of all 3 of them together after they got home from school but this is all that I got.

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