Tuesday, September 7, 2010

slide on

On Thursday my cousin called me and told me that Target had a water slide on major clearance. I talked to Jerry about it. Well ok I kind-a talked him into us getting the water slide. We have soo much shade that when we have had a blow up pool the water never gets warm, or it gets popped half way thru the summer. So I am really hoping this on will last a bit longer.  Katey and I headed to Target as the boys stayed home. When we got to Target they had two left. When we got home we just left it in the back of the van since it was too late to blow it up then. Friday morning the kids helped me unload the slide in the backyard so they could use it. This thing was HEAVIER than I thought it was going to be. The begged to play in this darn thing since they got up that morning, I thought it was a bit too cold but what do I know? I think it was low 70’s but they loved it. Well ok Jacob wasn’t too big on this slide but I know he will grow into loving it.


slide 002

This is the way the slide came all rolled up in the box. I called it the Cinnamon roll


 slide 004

Going up. Katey already has her swim suit on under her shirt.

slide 005

All up and ready for water


slide 006

A different angle of the slide

 slide 009

Camron’s first time down the slide

 slide 016

Jacob just taking a peek. He never when down


 slide 018


 slide 022

slide 007


 slide 028

Jacob cleaning off his butt after playing in the sand box


I just hope we can get this slide dried out before we pack it up this year. I really don’t want it to mold. If anyone has any good idea’s how to keep it mold free thru the winter I will be happy to take the advice!!

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