Monday, September 6, 2010

t’was the night before school…

Tomorrow is the kids first day of school tomorrow.  Yes I wanted to do the whole rhyming thing but I am not a good at rhyming.  So this year is gonna be a busy one I think. Katey is now in 2nd grade and she goes all day(8-3:10pm) SO Jerry will drop her off before he goes to work. Camron is in young 5’s. He will go from 11:50-3:30 pm. I will have to take him in. Jacob is in special education due to all those ear infections, so he is going for the extra help with his speech. He will go 8:35-11:25 But the bus will pick him up around 8:15am and drop him off, well I guess I am not really sure since the bus driver told me that she was going to drop him off at 11:25 but that is the time school gets out.  So  I am not sure what time its gonna be. I will have to see what time he gets home so I will know if I will be picking up Jacob before I take Camron to school or wait until he gets home and then quickly load everyone up in the van, since I still have to take the daycare kids with me when I drop off Camron  and when I pick up Katey and Camron. I am excited for the kids first day of school but then also nervous for Jacob since he more attached to me than what the other two have been.  I can’t wait to take all 3 pictures tomorrow before they leave and hope to get one of all three after school. I can’t wait to have the house a tad bit quieter, but yet miss the kids all day. 





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Amanda said...

YAY!!!! They'll do just fine mom! And hopefully at the end of the day you'll still be somewhat sane! Call me if you don't know what to do when it gets know I called you!