Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Monkey see, Monkey do...........

Well today is tues, and last night it rained hard. Later today I let the kids outside to play and get some fresh air before it gets cold. When I went outside, Camron was already wet, his shoes pants was drenched! So I dumped out the dinosaur box, since I really didn't want Jacob playing in the water with how cold it is. So Camron, with him being a boy, saw MUD!! How happy he was! I did ask him to stay out, but when he saw Jacob heading towards the mud he thought he should also play in the mud. Camron would throw a football into the mud so he could go and get it. Yeah smart little turkey. So the next thing I noticed was Jacob, playing in the water just like big brother. Jacob had on orange pants on and by the time we went inside his butt was black! Needless to say when I made the kids go back inside I told them straight into the bath. So from the time they got out of the tub, until dinner time all I heard from Camron was he wanted a bedtime snack. I guess when you got the kids into a routine its bad to mess it up, cuz it screws the them!

Monkey see Monkey do... since Jacob saw is big bro playing he thought is was ok for him too.
Mama take a picture of me!!

Yeah sorry its sideways I forgot to fix it! But as you can see his BUTT is no longer orange like it should be.

OH yeah Katey went frogin' last week, and found Jumpy the frog. She caught him, let him go and caught the poor little toad again.....she thought it was cool that if you poked his eye he closed them. SO the nice mommy Iam I "poked" her eye and told her, she does the same thing if someone pokes her eye. She left his eye alone after that. I thought about telling her she should kiss him to see if he's a prince, but I thought I better not. Maybe next time
Here is Katey trying to catch Jumpy the frog again. Camron didn't want anything to do with the frog besides looking at the thing

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Amanda said...

OH MY So cute, you really should've told her to kiss the frog! LOL! I love that Jacob got all muddy! To fun, and he probably had a blast didn't he?

I love you having a blog, because with me working I'm missing so much! :( It really sucks!!!!!!!