Wednesday, December 17, 2008

welcome elfie

Well the other day one of Santa's elfs came to visit us thru the holidays. How did we get an elf you might ask, well my freind Amanda heard about it thru the grapevine, and I called Santa the main elf himself and asked if we could borrow one. He told me where to get him. So on Tues Camron, Jacob and headed to the mall, another place where you can adopt him at, and picked out our elf. After we bought him we went and told Santa that we got our elf. Santa was happy to hear that on of his elfs found a good home for the holidays! So Elfie went thru 2 other names before the kids agreed on Elfie, his first name was Santa Michael then Santa. He stared off on the entertainment center and when the kids got up he was found in Jacob's stocking. I found out the elfs have senstive hearing, because the kids got a letter from Santa and it told Camron to stop yelling/screaming cuz it hurts elfie's ears. And guess what no yelling/screaming from him today! Maybe this elf should've came sooner. The kids are happy to share and show Elfie off to anyone who comes in the house. Its gonna be a sad day when Elfie has to go back to the north pole on christmas eve but at least he will be back next year.

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