Monday, December 15, 2008

not me mondays

Well its monday again, so its another round of self help mckmama style.

~I DID NOT skip the last two Not me Monday's cuz I was too lazy to type something up. Who would skip a cheap self help session?

~I DID NOT catch my 17 month old trying to climb the ladder to his brothers bunk bed today. A 17 month old is too little to climb ladders and I always have one eye on him at all times!

~My kids DID NOT eat a whole bag of potato chips between yesterday and today, cuz my kids only eat healthy foods and never junk food. Why would I let them eat so many?

~ I DID NOT enjoy yesterday afternoon with my mom and Katey having a girls day getting our toes painted. After all my hubby didn't feel good and he still had to take care of the boys. Any good wife would've cancelled to take care of their hubby. So I defiantly didn't go and get my toes painted blue

~I DID NOT let our 3 yr fall asleep on the TOP step the other day. ALL he wanted to do was stay up for daddy to come home from work. (yes I did carry him and put him into bed after I found him sleeping) And I DID NOT take a picture of him while he was sleeping, cuz the flash might just wake him, and he might roll off(which didn't happen)

OK this ends my not me mondays, head on over to mckmamas, and check out everyone else's not me mondays. I will make you feel better.

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Leah said...

My daughter is 16 months... She's climbed her brother's ladder too!