Wednesday, December 10, 2008

who stole the cookie from the cookie jar??

This past Sunday the kids, Katey's friend Maddie and I headed to my parents house to make,er, well ok frost Christmas cookies. Mom mixed and baked 32 dozen cookies. Yes you read that right 32 dozen cookies! We had cookies coming out of our ears. We had 5 kids under 6 sprinkling and 3 adults frosting. Jacob had fun eating the frosting off his cookie that I gave him to sprinkle, so he wasn't much help. Maddie was the only kid to sprinkle to the end. Some cookies had more sprinkles than frosting, but I think those will be Santa's favorite cookies.

Our pile of "naked" cookies. I never took a finish picture of our cookies and why I don't know so I guess I have to wait until I get the pictures from my dad.

My dad is taping the whole process. The little girl to the left in the purple shirt is my niece, Grace. The older lady is my grandma who comes over every year to help with the cookie frosting.

Jacob not sure what to do with his shaker. See the "naked" cookie on his tray? Yeah he licked off the frosting. He will be a better shaker next year.

Katey waiting for her first cookie to sprinkle. You can only see half of the cookies here.

You may not want to eat the yellow frosted cookies! And here you thought the only thing yellow you didn't want to eat was snow. Yeah that is the only color Camron really wanted to sprinkle. I caught him 3 or more times licking the frosting off his cookies. Where they went I have no idea!
Over all it was a fun day. Next year the kids might last a bit longer, maybe no one will be caught licking frosting and adding it to the pile of done cookies, but I do know one thing for sure someday they will be "too old" to sprinkle cookies and when that day comes I will be sad.

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