Friday, December 26, 2008

tagged and contest!

Well I see I was tagged over at Scattered Among the Mess. In this tag you Pick your 4th picture folder and your 4th picture and explain if needed.... Without checking to see what that photo might be I am kinda scared!

Well this is Camron and he would have to be around 15 months old! WOW has he changed! Look how cute and innocent he looks. Camron and Jacob look a lot a like at the age its scary.

Well I am suppose to Tag 4 more people and since I don't really want to tag anyone in my list I will leave it up to you the readers if you want to join in the tag game. If you do join in tag leave me a comment I would love to see your 4th picture!

Well if you also head over to scattered among the mess she has a contest going for her 100th post. Way to go Amanda!! The prizes look awesome. I really hope I do win the items!

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