Thursday, December 25, 2008

merry christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! Wow what a night. Katey woke up around 12:30-1am to find out that Santa has been to our house already. She came in to wake us up, and needless to say we were NOT getting up to open gifts at that time. After telling her to go back to bed or go and sleep on the couch cuz its not time to open gifts she goes and looks at the gifts and brings in some candy to us. Not sure what she all did between the time she got up and the time Camron woke up, around 3am or so. Then I know Jerry got up and turned TV on for them. Katey did come in and tell me Santa forgot Elfie. I think he forgot him cuz he heard Katey come down the stairs. The next thing I remember is Katey asking if she could sleep in our room, because when I woke up, yes before the rest of them, she was laying on our floor next to my side of the bed and Camron laying next to Jerry, that explains why I had to room to roll and my back hurts today. SO Camron didn't get up again until almost 8am, Jacob woke up next a few mins later so we woke up the rest of them. The kids tore open their gifts like no other. They liked everything that Santa brought them. Yes when we all got up Elfie was gone, but he will be back next year around Thanksgiving. So I will be posting pictures I hope tonight. I hope everyone had/has a great Christmas.

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