Wednesday, December 31, 2008

happy new year's

Wow today is Dec 31 2008, the last day of the year. Where has the time gone? My "baby" will be 6 on Jan 3, it seems like just yesterday I gave birth to her. So lets see if I can recap the year. We were able to get our house resided for free, thru a get rid of lead program. We, ok I, choose the color of the siding. Katey started Kindergarten. The kids got their first plane ride to Washington to see Aunt Rita, Uncle Rex, and cousin Sarah. We got to see the Ocean, Carmon was able to celebrate his 3rd bday with Camron cow, who was born on his birthday.
Camron and Grandpa build a sandbox that Camron lived in after it was made. We made 33 dozen Christmas cookies this year and they are ALL GONE!! Man is that Santa is a pig. Camron started to wear BIG boy underwear! The kids and I toured your town and rode a CATA bus for the first time ever. We plan on doing this again this year. It was fun for all of us. I know we have more that happened this year but Iam drawing a blank right now. I hope that everyone has enjoyed learning about us these last few months that I have been blogging. So I will leave you with the last photo of the year. This picture was taken at my parents house on Sunday when we celebrated Christmas at their house. The kids all knelt by the tree to admire all the gifts, and it was just way to cute not to "shoot" them.

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