Monday, December 22, 2008

not me mondays

Once again its a not me monday. Its a great way to vent about all the things that you didn't do during the week. mck mama is the queen of not me mondays. Head on over to her blog to join in the fun and meet new friends along the way.

I HAVE NOT in the 6 years that I have been a mom, ever had to pee while holding on to a child either in a store at our own home.

I DID NOT just wrap all the Christmas gifts Saturday night, cuz who would wait until almost last min to do that. And it DID NOT take me almost 2 hours to get them all wrapped.

I hope we don't get snowed in Christmas Eve and have to spend the night at my parents house with my brother, his girlfriend and their daughter, cuz that would be just NOT fun.( OK so this hasn't happened yet but i DO think this would be fun)

I NEVER think about what to write for my NOT me mondays thru out the day sometimes. Because I am too busy to be thinking about such unimportant things.

I AM NOT thinking of sellling all my cloth diaper just to buy new ones that has snaps cuz I think I might like them better than velco, cuz that would be just nuts, I mean I started cloth diapering to save money and how much money would that be saving if I bought all new diapers just so I can have snaps?

so now its all your turns to play the not me monday. Its fun give it a try!

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