Saturday, December 20, 2008

why do they have to wake up so darn early??

Well the most of you know we adopted and elf, Elfie, from Santa this past week. Well Elfie is a great way to make the kids listen. "You better stop yelling cuz remember Elfie is watching and will tell Santa" is all that is really needed and they look at Elfie and stop! But the other day Katey comes into our room at 5 am! At first I thought she was gonna say she didn't feel good or something. But oh NO. She wasn't able to find Elfie! "Mama I can't find Elfie, I look everywhere" ERRR damn elf is all I could think of. Told her I would take a shower then I would come and help them, by this time she had waken Camron to help find the darn elf. 15 mins later............ "mom we still can't find Elfie, maybe we woke up too early and hes not back yet" I agree with that one way too much. Told her to look in the kitchen, dinning room, and living room again Iam sure Elfie made it back. A min later "MOM I found him, he's in the tree up high. OH he has something!" Yes Elfie bought the kids some candy all the way from the north pole.
Since they thought is was cool to get candy I thought since I was at walmart I might as well as get some cheap candy since they thought it was neat. So off to the store Camron, Jacob, and Kayden and I go. We found a candy cane with m&m's in them and a few more items. Well last night when Elfie came back he bought the candy cane thing with him. So today when I opened them Camron, the turkey says" Elfie didn't bring them WE bought them" Smart little turkey, they don't forget do they?

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