Friday, January 2, 2009

no more baby.

Today my mom, the kids and I took Jacob for his first big boy haircut. Such a sad day, when they get that first haircut. They walk in being a baby and walk out looking like a big boy. No his hair wasn't really long but it was getting frizzy in the back. Will I miss those sweet little baby curls? YES! He did such a great job sitting still while she cut his hair.

Jacob waiting for his turn. He was soo tired by the time we made it to Meijers. Gotta love them rosey cheeks.

The back of his messy hair. Still waiting, but watching how the big boys do it.

She wanted his shirt off because of the hood. Jacob wanted nothing to do with the cape so she did with him shirtless. Look at that cute tummy. He already looks like a big boy sitting in that chair and she hasn't even started cutting yet. Every time some hair dropped on the chair he made sure to wipe it off. I guess he didn't want a hairy chair.

Look at the big boy sitting soo sooo good! I still can't believe how well he sat. Either he was just VERY tired or he really didn't care that he was getting a haircut. I will be posting new pictures tomorrow of Jacob's new haircut since I didn't take any after besides what you see. He did get a Baby's First Haircut Certificate, that says the date, who cut it and where it was done at, and of course a baggie full of hair.

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