Thursday, November 27, 2008

happy thankgiving

Well today was turkey day. And yes I got "stuffed" So I thought I would make a list of what I am all thankful for. And if you feel like adding this to your blog, let me know I would love to read yours.

~I am Thankful for 3 Wonderful Healthy kids.

~I am Thankful for a wonderful husband, even though he can drive me nuts but I do love him.

~I am Thankful for food on our table. It may not be much some days but its better than nothing.

I am Thankful for the clothes that I wear or can afford some people don't have enough money for new clothes.

~I am Thankful for Friends. I know I can call them whenever I need someone to talk too and they are always their

~I am Thankful for Family. No matter what they will always be their for you.

~ I am Thankful for my job. Yeah some days I feel like I am going to go crazy, but its better than no job at all, like some people have.

Now its your turn to make a list. I can be as long as you would like or just short like mine.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving!