Monday, July 7, 2008

happy birthday to jacob

Well yesterday we had Jacob's bday party. He had as much fun as a one year old can have! He real bday is on July 9th. We had just a little party for him. His grandparents came, my friend and her kids, and a neighbor. I was shocked that he did keep his party hat on for as long as he did. I wish i knew where the last year as gone. I think as every new year has gone by it gets faster and faster. If you blink you miss 6 months someplace. It seems just yesterday on this date of july 7, I was thinking two more days and I will have my baby in my arms. I will have 3 kids, how Iam i going to handle having 3 kids under the age of 4? But as time has gone on it is easy. For some reason its easier to be a mom of 2 or plus instead of one. But Jacob came on the 9th and fit in great. The other two kids loved having a baby in the house and fought over who got to hold him. Now iam yelling at them to leave him alone, stop picking him up, etc etc. Soon he will be big enought to beat on them for all the times they were mean to him. I really do miss the cuddling, the little newborn baby who would curl up on your chest and sleep for hours. I miss the midnight feedings, where it was just him and I and no one else to bug us with anything, just us. Now he wants to eat and then go and play. He will watch the kids play and try to do that himself. I have caught him climbing on the outside slide plenty of times! As of right now he is a calm, quiet baby who tries to take in everything around him. I think he will be the quiet guy that will not say much to anyone unless its something important and then everyone will listen to him..

Jacob day one. July 9 2007

Jacob in his b-day hat.

Jacob's b-day cake

Yummy I loved my cake. I want more!!!

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