Sunday, July 6, 2008

A little bit about us the stine's

Hello to all my new and "old" friends. For those who don't know us yet this blog will be for everyone to get to know us. And for those who know us you might learn something new.

Well to start off my name is Beth. I grew up in a small town called westphalia and from the time i stepped foot in that town i couldn't wait to get out of it! Sad isn't it? But now we live in lansing. A big town, well city since its the capital of Michigan. I have been married to a great guy named Jerry, and yeah at times he can drive me nuts, I still love him no matter what. We have been thru some tough times but we have made it thru and it has made us a stronger couple. We have 3 great kids. Katey who is 5.5 yrs old. She is a princess one min, and a tomboy the next. She will be starting kindergarten this year and her friend will be in her class so she is excited about that. Then we have Camron Michael Stine who will say that's not my name its Camron Michael (he don't understand that he has 3 names and one of them is his last name) he is 3. He is a little boy thru and thru. He loves dirt, bugs, bugging his older sister, and i swear getting into trouble! He can be the sweetest little boy but then turn around and be a little devil! Then last but not least we have Jacob, who will be one on July 9th. I don't know where the time has gone, but it has flown by too fast. Jacob is the quiet one, well so far, he really only cries if he's tired, hungry or his older brother/sister is picking on him. He loves to watch everything around him and try what he has seen. I stay at home with the kids and also have a daycare. I watch anywhere between 2-3 extra kids thru the week. I enjoy being able to stay at home with my kids and also getting paid too. Yeah sometimes its hard but its all worth it in the end. My husband works at the local A&W. He has been there forever working. The kids love that daddy works there cuz he will bring them home ice cream most nights! Well i guess that's the basic's about us. You will be learning more about us thru our post, that i hope to keep up on. Tomorrow i hope to blog about Jacob's bday party that we had today and post some picutres of us and our kids.

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