Saturday, July 19, 2008

Girls NIght out

Well tonight i went out with my friend Helena. We went out to dinner and FILLED out tummies up with a ton of food! But how can you not leave BD'S not full? Since it is a buffet, and you "make" your own sir fries. Yummy!! Its always fun to go out with friends and relax. It always seems like the night goes buy too quickly anyhow. We have told each other that we should do this at least every month but it alway seems like something comes up like, no one to watch the kids, no money, and such. But whe we do have the chance to go out its always fun.
Well tomorrow my mom and I are taking the 4 kids to go and get thier pictures taken at Sears for a summer pic. This will be the first time since easter that we got all 4 taken together. I just hope we can get in there and get at least one good one before the kids get bored and want to leave. When i get my kids pic proofs back from sears i will try to post them here so you all and see them.

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sarah said...

going out is always fun