Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Iam running away

Well today had been a tough day. It seems like no one and i mean NO ONE wants to listen to me today. Both Katey and Camron woke up really early for some reason this morning and it all went down hill from that point. Camron i really think his ears were broken today, does anyone know were i can buy new ears?? All day he has been doing the oppostie of what i have asked him to do. Not sure if its a boy thing or him being a boy and three. Either way he may not make it to 3.5 yrs old. Katey was listen to a point but then all of a sudden her ears stopped working also. Maybe i can buy a pair of ears and get a discount?? SO yeah if anyone is ready for a vaction without kids lets go i will start packing my bags right now. Tomorrow will be better right?? I sure do hope so.

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Amanda said...

Tomarrow will be a better day, and if it's not, I'm here to listen!!! :D