Sunday, July 13, 2008


Its funny seeing how my parents have changed from the time that i was little to now. When we, my brother and I, were growing up if a toy broke it would be too bad throw it away, now that they are grandparents, if one of my kids toys break, they normally say"papa can fix it". and he will try to fix it, or the kids will forget it and they will throw it away which in most cases is fine with me. The other day my dad found some soccer nets free, so he grabbed them knowing that my kids would make good use of them. So since the tops and sides are made of metal, he bought some pool noodles to wrap around them "mean" metal poles, so he don't have to worry about one of the kids running into the metal poles. Now if that was lets say some 20years ago, yeah i know iam sooo dating myself and it makes me feel old sometime heheh, he never wouldve thought about putting something around those metal poles. IF we ran into them it would be "your ok, stop crying" Anything that my parents find for the kids it seems like they try to make it safer for them, and no iam not complaining its just funny now that they are grandparents it seems like they look out for the kids in a different way than we do as parents ourselves. Would i have put a pool noodle around them poles? No. would i be worried about them running into them poles ummm no. It just neat to see how my parents have changed from the time that were were growing up, and now that we are adults with kids of our own, how they look out for our kids. I just hope they will have fond memories with my parents when they get older. . Shoot I swear if one of the kids say jump they would jump! The memories that we all have of our grandparents. Thank goodness for grandparents.

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