Thursday, July 17, 2008

I hate HOT HOT weather!

Man i love warm weather but this HOT HUMID weather sucks. It may be better if it we had central air, all we have is one window unit. So yeah the downstairs is nice but upstairs not so nice. Yesterday we went to Hawk Island and I let the kids play in the splash pad for awhile then we went to the lake that is attached to the splash pad. The kids always have fun, where i love to sit and people watch! Its been a crazy week here. I only had kids part of the week so its been nice with no daycare kids here, just my kids, but then also kinds boring. When the other kids are here my kids are entertained better to a point. But i do enjoy the daycare kids here also. Jerry and I took the kids to go and get thier pictures done today and they turned out GREAT!

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