Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My baby is ONE!!

Well now Jacob is officially one. Its sad to thing that last year at this time i was in the hospital recovering from childbirth, I had this helpless little baby willing to cuddle. And now I have this wanna be indepent little "toddler" Here a year ago he all he wanted to do is eat, sleep, poop and eat some more, he didn't have a care in the world as long as mommy was close by. NOW he is a crawler, loves to smile, loves to eat, and i swear he can out eat is older brother and sister! He has learned how to use a fork which i was surprised when he used it for the first time. He is getting closer to getting off the bottle. The little turkey doesn't like the regular sippy cups, so i bought him a Dr. Brown sippy cup thinking maybe he would like that one since he has those kind of bottles, oh NO he like the tupperware tumbler sippy cups. Which is ok, they just aren't as spill proof as the other ones. How time flies when you blink! He loves to try what the older kids are doing even if it is climbing the outside slide. You can yell at him when he is doing something "naughty"like climbing the steps and he will look at you like "Me? What iam i doing wrong?: and just smile. He don't want to cuddle anymore, which is sad, it means my baby is growing up. Well he has grown so much in his first year, and now that he is one and on his way to 2 he will discover so much more, like walking, talking more, running, and learning he has choices, and will voice his opinion on things also. I do look forward to the new challenge that lay ahead but i will forever miss them first couple of weeks when all he wanted to do was cuddle with mommy. Love ya buddy.

Jacob around a week old.

The birthday gift from grandma and papa. A truck that can be a ride on, push behind and turns into a wagon. He can get on the dumb thing but has problems getting off the darn thing.

He he is playing with a toy that he found while he was either pushed himself forward or backward. Might as well play with a toy that he finds along the way since he can't get off it yet. Yesterday he sat on the truck for 20 mins before Katey pulled him off. I guess she felt sorry for him. Sooner or later he will figure out how to get off it, or he will just stop getting on it right??

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