Friday, July 25, 2008

First steps

Well today was a busy day, but i guess being a mom of 3 makes everyday busy right? But anyhow today i took Jacob in the docs once again for his ear, but this was just a recheck and the infection is GONE!! Thank god. We have been battling this ear infection for about 6 weeks now and its GONE! Did I say its GONE!?!?!? YES. But anyhow, tonight i gave Katey a popsicle and told her to show it to Jacob and gosh darn it if he didn't take 3 steps to her! She thought it was cool seeing him take them first steps! So i can see him now getting a bit more brave knowing that he can balance and walk. It crazy that now he is a "big" boy.

Well we bought the boys new bed and we get to go and get them tomorrow. I asked Camron if he is ready for new big boy bed, (right now he is using grandpa's old twin size bed) and his answer was NO i want my car bed back! Little turkey he wants is toddler car bed back! But sorry to break it to him, his car bed will be going up for sale soon since we dont' need it anymore. Katey is a little bummed that she didnt' get a new bed but right now she don't need one. I can see maybe in the near future she will be needing a new one, but not right now.

I guess thats all that is new right now. chat with ya all later

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