Thursday, July 10, 2008


Well my neighbor friend is moving and iam sad to see her go. She was a good neighbor, she like the kids, they liked her and plus they also like visiting Angel the dog. Well they didn't feel like moving and exercise machine so they asked it i wanted it. I told them sure why not, maybe i can loose some baby weight right?? Well i asked jerry if he could help Jeff (the neighbor) move it here. Why do we need it, where are we going to put it? Well in the dining room, yeah i know not the best place the the only place we have room beside the wet damp basement that the ceiling is low and don't want to knock myself out while exercising anyhow. So he didn't want to help so I went and helped Jeff move this. And now it sits in our dining room. I hope now i will start using it and as i said loose this baby weight.

I got a phone call from a friend tonight and found out her mom is in the hospital with heart problems. Which is sad cuz her mom is so nice. Jacob and i went to see her tongiht. She looks good, just tired she said. But in the hosptal how much rest do you really get?? NONE. But she is hoping to be out by sunday.

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