Monday, January 26, 2009

not me mondays

Well its another Monday again. So it time for some more self help MckMama style. Today is the day you let everyone know what you DID NOT do all week. After either reading my blog, head on over to MCKMAMA's to see what everyone else DID NOT due this week,

I DID NOT take Katey to the doctor on Tues to find out she had pink eye only to take her back again on weds after she screamed for 30 mins yelling that her ear hurt, only to find out that she had an ear infection. I mean I have never taken my kids to the doctor two days in a row like that before!

I DID NOT just buy more cloth diapers this past week because I want to try snap diapers instead of Velcro. My other diapers work just fine so why would I buy more?

I DID NOT have to take my van in to get fixed on weds and I DID NOT have to drag 4 kids with me during nap time because that was the only time they could get it fixed. That would just be plain nuts if I did that.

I know I have more things that I did not do this week but darn if I can remember them. I think old age is setting in early. lol

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