Saturday, January 31, 2009

jello cupcakes??

Katey had her 6th birthday on Jan 3rd. (well yah I know I am a little late posting this but better late than never right?) Well anyhow I know that she has 20 kids in her class and 20 kids plus 20 cupcakes equal big mess! So as I was thinking of something to make for to take to school for a treat I came across Jello cupcakes. I make a batch to keep at home to make sure that they would turn out ok, since the thought of paper and jello mixing I wasn't sure how that would work. So according to the directions they say follow the directions on the jello box for jello gigglers. But when I make my finger jello I use Knoxs jello also. So that is the recipe I used, 1 lg box of jello, 2 cup hot water and 2/3 cup cold water and 2 envelops of Knoxs.

Here we are using Orange Jello. Don't mind the gross looking meatballs behind the bowl. The meatballs were good, they just don't look good with the picture.

After you mix your jello, place your paper cupcake liners in a cupcake pan and spray your liners with no stick spray..I put the Jello in my measuring cup for easy pouring. Fill to the top or just about to the top of your liners. Place in the fridge for 2-3 hours or until firm. The cupcakes will come out the pan easy. I also made a batch of these and put in my silicone pans also and they turn out great also.

Right before serving spay some whipped cream on top and sprinkles! These come out the paper really good, much better than I ever thought they would.

The kids at her school loved them, the teacher loved the idea of NO crumbs on the floor. She got to take the extra ones to the other teachers in the other classrooms and they all loved the idea. We had some teachers say no thanks at first but as soon as they found out that it was Jello they wanted one.

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