Sunday, January 25, 2009

the cleanest bathroom around

Well I must say I think that we have the cleanest bathroom on this side of the Mississippi River. Why you ask. Well this morning I put the kids in the tub in the tub since Katey wanted to play with her new toy that she bought with the left over birthday money she had. So I filled the bathtub up, and let them play/soaked. They were happy. Katey got out and put clothes on. I was putting towels away and Camron held up a play spoon with something on it.

"Mama, what's this?"

"I don't know let me see."

I looked at it and threw it in the toilet, didn't really think too much of it right away, until I looked behind Jacob. Yeah you guessed it poop

"Ummm sorry boys time to get out. Jacob pooped in the tub."

"Why did he do that?"

"Don't know"
So the boys climb out of the tub, I drain the tub. Clean the poop out, clean the tub. So tonight we go out for dinner with the family for my mom's birthday. When we get home the kids ask for another tub. Hubby fills the tub, the boys jump in. Yeah I know my kids love tubs, but hey it gives me a short break. As I am sitting downstairs watching TV, I hear Camron yell

"mommy Jacob did it again. He pooped in the tub"
AHHHH Not again is all I can think. So once again drain the water, pull the boys out and clean the tub. Never in my 6 years of being a mom have I ever had to clean my tub out 2 times in one day! I have my fingers crossed that he has this out of his system before tomorrow so when they do have a tub again, I won't have to clean the darn thing out again.

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